• Course Members may draw up to two back issues of magazines/periodicals. However, they may borrow 10 books at a time for a period of one month.

  • Other Members are entitled to borrow 5 Physical books and 2 back issues of journals/ magazines for 15 days and 07 days respectively.

  • Member’s physical presence is necessary to do the transaction in the library.

  • In rare case/audible reason one can send his representative to do the transactions (withdraw books/magazines). The person must carry authority letter with himself to do the transaction.

  • Use biometric device for issue and return of books and magazines.

  • Readers are requested not to replace books on the shelves themselves.

  • Mobile phones must be set on silent mode in the library.

  • Issued books and magazines are not allowed inside the library.

  • No personal briefcase, folder and carrying bags etc are allowed inside the library.

  • No coffee/tea mugs allowed inside the library.

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