The Library is spread over two floors and has the following facilities:

(a) Ground Floor

  1. Issue Counter/Reception
  2. Book Section
  3. Journals, Magazines & Newspapers Section
  4. Photocopy Section
  5. Touch Screen Kiosk
  6. New Arrival Section
  7. Make a choice section
  8. Army Net (exclusively for the use of Indian Army Course Officers and personnel)
  9. Audio archive sections (on two computers old lectures (archival lectures) can be listened through individual access.

(b) First Floor

  1. Internet Hub
  2. Audio Cubicle
  3. Reference Book Section
  4. Theses, Reports Section
  5. Bibliography
  1. Book Section:The Library has over 19000 books and 2500 theses (written by Course members). It has an Open Access System. Books have been stacked in different shelves under the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Books are issued with biometric device since Jan 2013.

  2. Catalogue:Books are catalogued by title, author and subject wise. Course members may use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility available through internet at NDC web page or at Touch-Screen-Kiosk at reception to search the availability of books.

  3. Journals , Magazines and Newspapers Section:The library subscribes about 90 different Indian and Foreign Journals and Magazines. The library also subscribes 25 types of Newspapers including three international editions. Latest issues of these periodicals are displayed on the racks in the magazine section.

  4. Photocopy Section:The library provides free photocopy facilities to Course members for official work and thesis/study related requirements. The photocopy machines installed at the ground floor and the first floor are meant for use by Course members on ‘self-service’ basis.

  5. Thesis Section:All theses written by Course members of this College are bound, indexed and arranged year-wise. These theses (2500) serve as reference material for the members for different studies/thesis work. These theses are not issued to members.

  6. Reports Section:Annual Reports issued by various ministries/departments of the Government of India are arranged chromatically.

  7. Reference Section: Publications like encyclopedias, annual reports, yearbooks, dictionaries etc are stacked in the Reference Section shelves on the first floor. There are over 1000 volumes which are meant only for reference and not for issue.

  8. Audio Cubicle:Audio cubicle is fitted with speaker which relays the lecture-hall proceedings. Course members who are unable to attend the lecture in the lecture hall due to any reason, are expected to utilize this facility.

  9. Internet Facility:There is Internet hub on the first floor with 36 PCs connected with high speed broad band. NDC became member of prestigious National Knowledge Network (NKN) in March 2019, which facilitates access to internet at a speed of 100mbps. Four color printers and two scanners are available. Course members can utilize the internet facility to obtain material for various studies/thesis works. Family members are permitted to access all library facilities only on Saturdays.

  10. Bibliography:A bibliography for each study is prepared and issued to all members along with the respective study setting. Bibliography is prepared in three parts:
    1. It contains a list of books.
    2. It contains articles from the digital resources i.e. it contains web links of articles from world of internet and other subscribed resources.

  11. Current Study Rack:All books and magazines (other than those issued to IAGs) relevant to the current study are displayed in the Current Study Rack Bibliography on the first floor. These have reference value to more than one IAG. Members are expected to read these books and periodicals in the library itself, as these are not for issue.

  12. Web Opac:It is the facility provided through internet of the library software through which one can be able to find details of books, Journals and magazines available in the library.
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